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Can patient experience and satisfaction drive healthcare marketing?

Patient experience and satisfaction is no longer a nice too have, but a got to have in the evolving consumer-centric healthcare market place.Consumers are paying more out of pocket and when consumers pay more they expect more.A better healthcare consumer and patient experience in the end means a more compliant patient pre and post treatment. Higher level of service and medical process satisfaction brings the healthcare consumer back in a sea of providers who all offer the sameness.

It is one of the primary drivers for a reason to return. And when all things are equal and undifferentiated, experience and satisfaction become a major determination of return and for their recommendations of you.

Difficult to achieve and tough to competitively beat once you have it, experience and satisfaction with your medical products, clinical services and processes regardless of the vertical, be it specialty pharmacy, medical device,pharma, hospitals, doctors etc., will drive revenue.Revenue from the sta…

Steve Jobs On How Content Is Truly King [video]

Content Truly Is King
In the middle of this amazing "lost" Steve Jobs interview is some of the best thinking on content and product development I've ever discovered. Jobs discusses the very important distinction between process and the masterful craftsmanship required to develop great products.

Listening to this extraordinary segment I thought Jobs was contradicting Dov Seidman's book How: Why How We Do Anything Means Everything. On repeated listening not so much. Jobs is warning against process police taking over and attempting to substitute hollow business process where passion, commitment and genius should rule.

Seidman is suggesting that creating the kinds of teams Jobs was famous for leading is the only business process anyone owns. There are no secrets and intellectual property is a poor substitute for fast moving new market creating genius (iPad, iPhone for example).

"People get very confused that the process is the content."

Content Greatness Under Attac…

Trust Is A CATCH-22

Pebbles and CATCH-22's
What does it mean when a cool idea for a watch earns $11M on Kickstarter? Certainly one clear and loud implication is crowdfunding is ready for prime time, but there are more sweeping and profound implications. Why would anyone make anything without testing and creating a digital market long before materials are purchased to make something material.

Pebble's brilliant Kickstarter campaign proves the man, machine, mountain parable. Match the right man (or product) to the right mountain and supply him (or her) with the right tools and the mountain will be climbed. Make the Pebble pitch to Walmart and it is a nonstarter.

Pebble Smartwatch 2013 video from Pebble Technology on Vimeo.

This "match the hatch" of product to market and marketplace has never been more important. You have one chance to make a first impression so matching your idea to favorable audience is critical. There is a CATCH-22 hidden in our new distribution model. You can't know …

Learn From Googlers At These Upcoming Analytics Events

Fall is a busy time for the Google Analytics team. Conference season is in full swing, the Google Analytics summit is fast approaching and our product team is heads-down, focused on iterating and improving the product to create the future of Analytics. Things are likely moving fast for you as well, so we wanted to make sure you were updated on some of the key industry events our team members would be participating in this fall. Following is a brief list:


9/26: ACCELERATE Conference, Columbus 

Accelerate is a “Ten Tips in Twenty Minutes” format conference on a wide range of digital analytics and marketing optimization topics. Google’s own Krista Seiden will be speaking on “Ten Tips for Getting the Most out of Google’s Analytics Platforms.” Tips will include Krista’s practitioner viewpoint on best uses of Google Analytics dashboards, advanced segments, Content Experiments and Google Tag Manager. Learn more.


9/30-10/3: eMetrics Boston

eMetrics Summit is a comprehensive and fo…

Monitoring & Analyzing Error Pages (404s) Using Analytics

I recently wrote a post on the Google Analytics + page about monitoring error pages on websites. The post was well received and generated a healthy discussion on Google+, so I decided to write a more detailed article on the subject here.

First of all, what exactly is an error or 404 page? According to WikipediaThe 404 or Not Found error message is a HTTP standard response code indicating that the client was able to communicate with the server, but the server could not find what was requested.” Or, in more general terms, the 404 is the error you get when the page you are looking for does not exist, usually because the link you clicked was broken.

Another important question is: why should I care? Often times the 404 is forgotten and no one cares to prioritize its optimization. I believe the answer to prioritization lies on section 2 of this post: by monitoring the percentage of users that arrive at this page you will be in a better position to know if (and how quickly) you should optimi…

Supporting A Modern Browsing Experience

To focus on supporting modern browsers, we are deprecating official compatibility of Google Analytics with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) at the end of 2013. We decided to do this to both accelerate the pace at which we can innovate new product features, and to facilitate adoption of newer web technologies in the design of the Google Analytics product. Our ultimate goal is to provide a superior user experience for every GA user. As a note, we’ll of course continue to measure traffic from IE8 browsers to your website. 

We will continue to support the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Safari and other modern browsers. 

It is our hope that giving you more than 3 months to prepare for this change will minimize disruption to Google Analytics usage for you and your business. We will send further reminders prior to the deprecation at the end of the year, but we strongly advise you begin preparing and implementing plans for this change at your earliest conv…

The media is calling; how do you respond to PR crisis?

Sometimes, another organizations PR missteps are an opportunity to learn how not to handle a PR crisis.Just ask the any of the hospitals and health systems that have been in the media the past few weeks with HIPAA violations for data beaches. And what I have seen from the healthcare consumer side in the coverage and their responses have been arrogance, apathy and really stupid responses by senior management.

I mean really, “We had a panic button and security camera.” Does it matter in your response that the theft happened after hours? Or the, “We had 60 days under the law before we had to report it.” How do you think the public reads that answer of hiding behind regulations when their personal data is at stake?
In an age of healthcare model evolution from provider-dominated models of decision making to consumer-directed models, those bygone days of being able to mismanage a PR crisis and response and get away with it are gone.
Is your response to dive for under the desk? Do you send out…